Tank Commander

Slip Jig written in memory of world bodhran champion (& all-around great guy) Paul Phillips from Belfast, Northern Ireland RIP 2007. This tune was included on the ‘New Years Eve Session 2008’ recordings to benefit the Paul Phillips Memorial Bodhran Scholarship. Paul’s best friend & fellow bodhran enthusiast Paul Marshall has just made it available again for download at http://www.bodojo.com.

I first met Paul Phillips at Seamus O’Kane’s house in Derry, Ireland. He quickly became a friend & a mentor. A few weeks before he passed away, Paul Phillips was in Milwaukee teaching bodhran at the Irish Fest Summer School. My favorite memory from that week was myself, being the only melody instrument still standing at a late night session, surrounded by at least ten top notch bodhran players from around the world all playing harmoniously and beautifully together at the same time whilst I fiddled. It was absolutely brilliant.

I was honored to have spent many such wonderful moments with Paul. Playing tunes with him was truly magical. Here’s to you, Tank Commander…